Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homeward Bound

So much has happened since May (last post). I joined Sooner Sensations, a women's choir in Moore. Brooks has grown two teeth, started sitting up all by himself, and began trying to say mamma and da-da! I fall in love with that sweet little smile more and more every day.

With that said... I always said once I moved out of Marlow that I would NEVER go back... EVER. Well, over the past four years as I was falling in love with Stephen, he was falling in love with my home town. He has been trying to get me to move back to Marlow for a while now. And after Brooks was born, it became more evident to me that it wasn't a bad idea. Between free childcare (grandma/grandpa) and being close to my family, it just makes sense to be home. So, I am moving home... kicking and screaming... but I know once I am there I will love it. I want Brooks to grow up in a small community where everyone knows everything and when he does something wrong, I will know about it before he gets home.

The hardest part about moving home is leaving OUR home. Moore has grown on me. We have been through so much in that house. It was the first house we bought together. We got married in that house, we spent our wedding night in that house, we had Brooks in that house, we got Jack (our boxer) in that house... I know home is where the heart is, but so much of my heart has been poured out in that house and leaving it just makes me so sad.

Please pray for us as we make this journey home... and create a new life down in Marlow!