Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Showers and Wishing Trees

Well, let's catch up on the happenings since the last post...

After looking at the envelope's contents, Stephen went clothes shopping and put the clothes in the guest room closet. He keeps telling me not to snoop around the house, but I know where they are and I still don't want to know Baby G's gender. I spent some money at Baby Gap on clothes for Baby G (cause I know deep down in my heart Baby G is Brooks and not Harper).

We took maternity pictures with Michelle Jones Photography last weekend and that was super fun, no matter WHAT Stephen says! I can't wait to post those pictures when we get some to post.

We registered for baby items... I talked Erica Healey (one of my best friends) into going with me to do that stuff. YUCK. In her words "Blind leading the blind"... So then the registry lead to a WONDERFUL baby shower at her house on Sunday.

This was really cool... they had little pieces of paper out and people gave words of wisdom or wishes for the parents to be. It was called a "wishing tree". LOVED THIS!

These are my lovely hostesses, Kari, Erica, Kayli, and Amanda.

This is the book that Stephen and I have been playing with since we got it yesterday. Stephen came to bed last night with the "tickle monster" mittens on and tickled me so hard I almost wet the bed. Brooks (or Harper) loved that game. He (or she) was going CRAZY when I was laughing so loudly.

Then we have the ADORABLE little cupcakes that Amanda made... she's as creative as Martha Stewart (minus the whole prison thing)!!

We FINALLY found a gender neutral baby book!

AND picked out art work for the nursery... which my cousin Kayli is going to make happen:

And also decided on a mobile... but have to find someone to make it for me because I just don't have the time.

So as you can tell... life has been full of letting (forcing)other people to do nice things for me! Oh, the joys of being pregnant!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stephen Looked!

Well, word's out. Stephen looked at the envelope. Our initial intention was to not find out our baby's gender. So the day of the ultrasound, the technician wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. We said we were going to let the biggest bidder have the envelope. That didn't last too long. Stephen had the envelope in his "super secret drawer" (which by the way, I showed to him when we got our bedroom furniture) and he was SURE no one would find the drawer after that... but it defeats the purpose when he tries to hide things from me because I am the one who showed him the drawer in the first place. Anyway, he put it there and one night as he was finishing up reading a bedtime story to my tummy (this has become a bedtime ritual), I smarted off to him and just said "if you want to know just look!"... and he did (disappointment). He just couldn't take it anymore. So two whole months after NOT opening the envelope and NOT knowing what Baby G will be (Harper or Brooks), Stephen knows for sure. However, I still don't want to know and he isn't going to tell. Although, he has slipped up several times and said "He ______" and since I have thought this whole time that he was a he... it just makes me even MORE sure. And then he tries to play it off like he only said he because I have always said he.

So that's about all that has been going on in the Garvin Household. Just still trying to complete the nursery... it's so dang hard though cause I don't want to make it TOO boyish or TOO girlish. We have about 10 weeks left... so it's probably a good idea to finish the room.