Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ready or not... here I come!!!

Thirty five weeks today... so we went to Dr. Parker's office for a checkup and ultrasound. The ultrasound was to tell us the position and size of Baby Garvin... that, it did. Position was good... size was not so good. There was a point some time between arriving at the office and leaving when we THOUGHT we were going to the hospital to have a baby. First, we had the ultrasound, which showed Baby G's weight (that was supposed to be 5.0% body fat was only at .31% body fat). She also mentioned that she couldn't tell how long Baby G is because the legs are so long it was hard to tell how long the baby was at this point... So basically, we are having a little noodle-baby. Second, we met with Dr. Parker, who said we would do a non-stress test to make sure there was enough oxygen making it to Baby G. This is where the situation got a little complicated. After an hour of being monitored, and our stubborn child not moving enough, they made me drink a Sprite and try again. The ultrasound technician said if we couldn't get "the kiddo" (as she kept calling Baby G) to move, we would go to the hospital to be monitored for a while. If nothing got better there, then "we will have a baby". I answered "Um... like, right now?" She laughed and said "yes!" So then I began praying that it didn't happen today... and the kiddo started moving!

When we were wrapping up at Dr. Parker's office, I was told I would have to come back a few times a week until the delivery date and do the non-stress tests. Dr. Parker says we are now shooting for 38 weeks. That's only three weeks away... I'm getting REALLY nervous. I could see the ultrasound picture today with our little baby staring at us and just thinking "ready or not, here I come".

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cindy Lou Who

Well, I now know exactly how Cindy Lou Who feels in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Thursday morning was a normal day. I left my house around nine and headed to one of my nursing homes to deliver Christmas gifts. I was there several hours and returned to my house in between stops for a short lunch break. I opened the garage door, and while on the phone with Jalee, walked into my house with the dogs barking wildly at the door. I thought this was out of character for them, but figured they were just excited to see me home. While finishing up my conversation with Jalee, I started to look around the floor in the living room and master bedroom... there were clothes scattered everywhere, trash all over the floor, and couch cushions overturned. My initial thought was "Stupid dogs!" I thought they were the guilty culprits. As I started walking more into the living room, I realized the TV was gone. Thats when I knew... "Jalee, I have to let you go! I think my house has been broken into... everything is gone." We got off the phone and I called 911. I was walking around the house trying to make sense of everything. 911 told me I needed to get out of the house and I went outside to call Stephen. I felt lost. Absolutely lost.

When the officer arrived, we went back into the house and made a list of everything that was gone. Every single electronic that we owned, guns, baby stuff, autographed OU Heisman winners football, the keys to my Camaro... the list goes on and on. The robbers put a knife and box knife by the garage door, waiting for someone to walk in. It amazes me how careless people like this can be and what disregard they have for the respect and hard work of others.

It's been a rough few days. But I can be thankful that Stephen and I weren't home, that Baby G is safe, the dogs were left here (and although traumatized) they were not hurt. I am so thankful to God that we weren't home. I never imagined this could ever happen to us. I guess I have been so sheltered growing up in a town like Marlow where you leave your front door unlocked all the time and the keys in the ignition.

Why is it that people steal from others? Why can't they get a REAL job? Why violate someone's privacy by entering their home without permission? Why be prepared to kill or hurt someone for coming into their own home? Why be prepared to defend the property you are STEALING against the person who OWNS it? I don't understand so many things about what has happened.

To sum up my feelings over the past two days... YES. I feel like Cindy Lou Who... the Grinch came back for the crumbs. They took everything of value that we own. BUT... they DIDN'T take my family away from me. At the end of The Grinch, he realizes that he could take everything they own, but they would still have Christmas. Life is not about what you own... yes, things are nice. But life is about being surrounded by people you love and who love you back. Things can be replaced... Stephen can't.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As I prepare for the upcoming arrival of Baby G, I can't help but be shocked at the selflessness of a friend of mine, Sarah. I met Scott and Sarah through church several years ago and they have struggled with the loss of a child through miscarriage and were a source of strength for me during my emotional recovery after ours. Since October, they have been struggling with the challenge of getting their second child well. Their baby girl, Emma, has a serious medical condition (you can read more about it on her blog ( and their journey is one of such faith... the kind that moves mountains.

On today's update, Sarah was explaining that Emma's doctors now have decided she needed put on the heart transplant list. I can't even imagine how hard this news must be for them. She also talks about in her blog how hard it is that Emma has gotten to the point where being held (she has only been held about five times since she was born, due to her heart condition) is annoying to Emma. I can't begin to understand how difficult that must be, to watch your child there in pain and crying, and not be able to pick her up and hold her because it just makes things worse. Emma is just not used to being held.

With all of that said, Sarah's post ended with this comment:

"Please keep us in your prayers as we take this next step. Emma is such a fighter, but it is hard to know how to pray because getting Emma on a transplant list means that our potential gain is someone else’s loss. Please keep the prayers coming."

Sarah is confused about how to pray because like she said, her gain means someone else's loss. This has to be one of the most selfless things I have ever heard. To think that she doesn't know if it would feel right to pray for a heart for her own daughter, because that means someone else would have to lose theirs. What a difficult situation.

Sarah calls out to her family and friends for strength and for her continued faith. In turn, I am calling out to mine... please pray for Sarah and Scott (and baby Emma, of course). Such a difficult situation and such a hard prayer to pray... All I can hope for is that I will be the kind of mother that Sarah has already become in the few short months of being one. Understanding that someone else would have to lose their child to potentially save another... THAT is selflessness.

Monday, December 6, 2010

And now... what you've all been waiting for...

Michelle Jones did an AMAZING job with our family pictures. I can't WAIT to see the rest... she sent us a few to pick from for our Christmas cards... so I am passing them along to you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seven weeks and counting...

Today at the doctor's office, Dr. Parker said something that REALLY freaked me out...

"If you go into labor any time between now and two weeks from now, we will stop labor. If it's any time after two weeks from today (December 16th) then we will just let you have this baby!"

Eeeeeek! Can you repeat that? Slowly?

Yep. That's right. Stephen heard it. I heard it. Baby Garvin heard it.

So not saying it will happen, but if it does, Dr. Parker is totally okay with it. I think he should just stop labor for the next five years and then I will REALLY be ready to be a mom!