Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the nausea begins!

Well, last night it finally hit me that I am getting married. Yes, four days before the big day. And, I am ashamed to say, I woke up at 3 this morning in a cold sweat, set right up in bed, and tried to get Jack (my boxer) out from between my legs so I could make it to the bathroom. Unfortunately he is dead weight when he is tired... so moving him is like moving a bus. Needless to say, I threw up all over myself (and Jack). I don't know if it's the nervous or something I ate that brought on the nausea, but I was up all night long. I am just REALLY praying that I am not sick... because our first wedding guest arrives tomorrow, and I can't afford to be sick.

Things are becoming so official with Noah getting here tomorrow. We went to get our marriage license, had our final premarital counseling appointment, met with our preacher to discuss wedding details, and picked up our programs. All that's left is packing for our honeymoon!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Week Left

one week from today, stephen and i will be tying the knot. it is so crazy to think that three years ago this week we had our very first kiss.

first kisses, i have decided, are bittersweet. when you're in high school (well, these days its merely seconds after you turn 10 years old) and you have your very first kiss, not only is it terrible, it's magical. but whether it's your very first kiss, or a first kiss with a new boyfriend, it sets the tone for the entire relationship.

over the last few months, i have been making stephen a lists of things to do on a weekly basis to get ready for our big day. it may seem silly, but every week i always put "practice kissing me" as #10. this wedding day kiss is a big deal! we had our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend three years ago. then about six months ago, we had our first kiss as fiancé and fiancé (i dont know what the male word for fiancé is). in seven short days, we will be having our first kiss as husband and wife. he thinks practicing our kiss is dumb. but i would hate for us to get all nervous and blow it!

i decided to start online journaling for the purpose of having something the garvin kids will be able to access and read when they are older. i want them to know how their mom felt the week before we got married, the night before we got married, the day of the wedding, and big events in our family life.

stephen and i are not only going to share our "last first kiss" in the sense that this is the final step in our relationship (from dating, to engaged, to married), but it is also pretty cool to think about the fact that he will always have my last first kiss... that exciting, nerve racking, tell your friends about it, sweet, romantic, perfect... first kiss.