Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ready or not... here I come!!!

Thirty five weeks today... so we went to Dr. Parker's office for a checkup and ultrasound. The ultrasound was to tell us the position and size of Baby Garvin... that, it did. Position was good... size was not so good. There was a point some time between arriving at the office and leaving when we THOUGHT we were going to the hospital to have a baby. First, we had the ultrasound, which showed Baby G's weight (that was supposed to be 5.0% body fat was only at .31% body fat). She also mentioned that she couldn't tell how long Baby G is because the legs are so long it was hard to tell how long the baby was at this point... So basically, we are having a little noodle-baby. Second, we met with Dr. Parker, who said we would do a non-stress test to make sure there was enough oxygen making it to Baby G. This is where the situation got a little complicated. After an hour of being monitored, and our stubborn child not moving enough, they made me drink a Sprite and try again. The ultrasound technician said if we couldn't get "the kiddo" (as she kept calling Baby G) to move, we would go to the hospital to be monitored for a while. If nothing got better there, then "we will have a baby". I answered "Um... like, right now?" She laughed and said "yes!" So then I began praying that it didn't happen today... and the kiddo started moving!

When we were wrapping up at Dr. Parker's office, I was told I would have to come back a few times a week until the delivery date and do the non-stress tests. Dr. Parker says we are now shooting for 38 weeks. That's only three weeks away... I'm getting REALLY nervous. I could see the ultrasound picture today with our little baby staring at us and just thinking "ready or not, here I come".


  1. That's exciting and terrifying at the same time. Just relax - you are ready for this! You and Stephen are amazing parents already!

  2. You'll be A-OK! Make sure you pass those "No-Stress Tests". Raising a baby is easy as pie, you'll get the hang of it no time. They're pretty resilient too ... I've dropped ours, let her play with knives, left her out in the rain w/ no clothes on ... and look at her, she's great! ;) (sarcasm for y'all who don't me, and I say "'yall" cuz y'all are from where they say y'all)

    Relax and enjoy the last couple of weeks with Mr. Garvin and go see movies!