Thursday, November 10, 2011

August to November

Well... it's time to update. So I will give you a rundown of the last few months. We moved to Duncan and Stephen LOVES his new job. We are actually back up here for his training over the next few weeks, but then we will pack back up for Duncan.

Brooks is getting SO big... saying "mama" and "dada" and sometimes we even get a "HUH?" and a "puh-puh" (puppy). He is trying to walk (scary), drinking out of a big-kid cup (he refuses to drink out of a sippy, but does great with a straw or even better with an adult cup). He claps his hands when you say "YEA", laughs hysterically at his momma for no reason (which I love because he thinks I'm so funny), and is now feeding himself with a spoon (we just put the food on the spoon and he takes care of the rest). I honestly didn't know love like this before I had Brooks.

In September, we celebrated our two year anniversary with a trip to Bricktown to eat at Abuelo's (one of our favorites) and then took a walk with Brooks around Bricktown, and ended up at The Melting Pot for a yummy dessert.

October was busy for us. Well, I say "us"... Stephen decided that we should spend the whole month of October making Brooks' first Halloween costume. Needless to say, the WE ended up being ME. I made Brooks a mouse costume. I do have to admit, it was quite wonderful. Here's proof.

Now it's November. We are gearing up for Cameron(our nephew)'s first birthday party this weekend, Thanksgiving (and spending lots of time in Poteau... it's been too long), and lots of turkey!

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