Monday, February 1, 2010

There goes our symbol of love...

RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN! No seriously, right down it. I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs to read. (My little sister Katy's blog about her journey into wife-hood.)***See end of post for her URL.*** When I was reminded of something that will be totally important for our children to know. Kids, I hope you are sitting down for this one. The day of our honeymoon, your father and I got to our hotel room in Italy, and after three minutes of some explicit things we shouldn't discuss until you're a little older, your dad lost his ring. That's right... Lost it. Right down the sink. He had gotten something on his shirt on the way to the hotel, and decided to wash it out in the sink. His ring slipped off his finger. I heard a DINK DINK DINK in the bathroom, and a few minutes later "Uh... Babe." I responded in a very newlywed manner "Yes dear?" Actually, it was more something like "Stephen, what in the heck was that?" Needless to say, it was his ring. Luckily for him, and I really do mean luckily, because he wouldn't have gotten a darn thing from me for the rest of the week, we called a plumber at the hotel and they were able to get it out of the drain... STRIKE ONE.

Christmas Day, the first Christmas we had as a married couple, we got snowed-in in Duncan so we decided to play in the snow. He was throwing snowballs at my head for a while, and then we went inside to warm up. After taking off his boots... he noticed... STRIKE TWO. His ring was gone. Luckily for him, and again, I mean luckily, Josh found it on the side of the drive way a few weeks later. We had rented a metal detector to find it, but no luck. Then Stephen hid the fact that it had been found. Two weeks later he made a comment "how much you wanna bet we find my ring". I told him "I bet you 60 bucks (because I could get a mani & pedi for that much) that we won't find it." Then he informed me that Josh found it two weeks ago, and slid it onto his finger. That should have been strike three. But I'm being nice.

The inside of his ring has a song title that we played as we were leaving the church after he kissed his bride. It says "Forever and ever, amen". The song by Randy Travis. Hopefully, as many times as he has lost it already, the RING will last forever and ever too!

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  1. Brody loses everything! We like to blame it on the fact that we live in tiny apartments and have to constantly move from place to place like any normal college students, but he is the king of losing things. I anticipate a blog entry of my own just like this one.