Thursday, January 28, 2010

I should have paid more attention in premarital counseling...

So after an entire day of being with Stephen (we are having another ice storm here in Oklahoma), I realized that although he is thrifty... it doesn't extend AT ALL to helping save the planet. Ya see, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people leave lights on when they leave a room. I actually spend a lot of time going through my office and turning out unnecessary lights on a daily basis. Thus, the reason for my post...

Stephen and I attended premarital counseling with our preacher before the big day. We did hours upon hours of therapy sessions, (which were NOTHING like that movie with Robin Williams where he makes Mandy Moore drive blindfolded). One day in particular that I remember was when we had to write out a list of things we don't like other people to do. Stephen's list included things like "Not using a coaster on the coffee tables" and "Not getting the dogs water when they need some". Mine, however, included much better and more important issues, such as "Separate the lights and the darks before you wash them" and "When you use a dish, put it in the washer. And if the washer is full, empty it or start it".

If I could do it all over again, I would add a few things...
1. Don't leave the light on when you aren't in the room... walls don't have the ability to see.
2. If you leave streaks in the potty, use the brush... that's what it's there for!
3. Don't dip Copenhagen in my house... And NO, in this circumstance, it's not your house too!
4. If you turn the light on after I am already in bed... I WILL kill you in your sleep.
5. If I go to bed before you and you try to wake me up to say goodnight... don't be surprised if I punch you in the face!

and lastly, 6. If you talk while I am watching TV, but expect me to wait until a commercial to talk to you, I will take away your TV privileges.

Needless to say, I should have paid more attention in premarital counseling... then I would have known I needed to set those rules then... cause Stephen seems to think they don't count if they weren't set BEFORE we got married!

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  1. lol! You're a funny girl! Oh my word, #6... yes #6 drives me crazy!
    My top #1... when I say "dinner's ready", please come eat while it is hot. Starting to "get ready" (going potty, washing hands, and whatever else MUST be done) to eat begins when I say "Honey, about 5 more minutes"... UGH!!!!

    Love you!