Monday, January 10, 2011

The big debut!!!

Well I have to say... it was NOT that bad at ALL! Honestly!

Here is the story Brooks. I hope you enjoy reading (some day) the story of your arrival. I checked in at midnight and they gave me the thinning tablet at one, another one at four, and then broke my water at seven. I didn't get my epidural until I was past a five (which apparently makes me tough, according to the nurse anesthetist). I was going to go all natural but ended up getting an epidural because I was nervous that I might have to end up having a spinal tap. So with that said, got the epidural and after that, couldn't feel ANYTHING. At about three in the afternoon, Brooks' heart rate started to drop so they hooked me up to oxygen. At about 5:15, they called Dr. Parker to tell him I was dilated to a 9. About 5:40, they sent all the grandparents out of the room so they could check me (and told them all they would come get them when they were finished) and I was a ten. They said "Let us go through pushing with you so you will be ready to start when Dr. Parker gets here." So I pushed three times for the nurses at about 5:45. They told me to stop because Dr. Parker wasn't here yet. He got into the room at 5:57, I pushed twice, and Brooks was here at 5:58.

It was such a blessing for such a short labor. I was SO scared and nervous... and it was really a piece of cake. God really knew that after nine months of being sick, having an easy labor was VERY rewarding for me.

Brooks Emmerson Garvin was born at 5:58pm on Friday, January 7th, 2011. He was 19 inches, and six pounds, one ounce. (He was really 6.06 but they rounded up.) I was SO proud of Stephen! He looked at Brooks coming out AND he cut the cord. He didn't even pass out!

Along with your daddy's participation in the whole thing, I have to give credit to the others who helped make the night more exciting... Jalee and my mom were there all night with your dad and me. They even stayed up all night. I am so thankful to have been able to share the experience with the two of them. Uncle Josh was there for a little while in the early morning and came back later. He played a HUGE role in the whole thing by waiting for the cord blood collection kit to arrive and bringing it up to the hospital in time to collect that. Others who came up for that night were, Grandpa Sabedra, Grandpa and Grandma Garvin, Chad, Marolyn, and Cameron Garvin, Chase and Erica Healey, Amanda Hale, Jessi Bramlett, Courtney Gardner, Justin Mann, Vickie and Kayli Smith, Aunt Erica and Baylem, Lisha & Ray Collins, Don, Dana, Kinsey & Kelsey Smalling, and Kent Abbott brought by Darla, Ron, and Reagan Jurgensen. I THINK that's all... I told the nurses when we first got there that we would have about twenty-five people come when he was born... and I was right. We had tons of other visitors in the next few days, but these are all the ones who came the night you were born.

After two days at the hospital, we got to leave Sunday around noon. The first night was really rough. Brooks didn't sleep much. His daddy woke up about six to take care of him while I got a few hours of sleep. I woke up to a clean house, sleeping Brooks, no laundry to do, no dishes to do, and a cooked breakfast. What a WONDERFUL man!

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  1. i told you girl!

    you got this made!!!!

    So proud of YOU Jess!