Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crib... Check

Stephen and I went crib shopping on Saturday. We spent a whole two hours in Pottery Barn Kids, and ended up purchasing the one we went into buy in the first place.

Last weekend Aunt Kari and Aunt Siiister have helped pick out baby bedding, a lamp shade, and paint colors. So now all that's left is picking up the furniture, putting it all together, painting the room, picking out a rocker, finding accessories... and OH! growing a baby.

I have to admit, when I first found out about Baby Garvin, I was a little upset. I felt like my whole life was being put on hold for this... but now, I am starting to realize that God has a plan... and that MAYBE I won't be as terrible as a mom as I think. I know Stephen's gonna be a fantastic daddy. I just cant WAIT til he/she gets here so I can make HIM do all the hard work! :)


  1. You're going to be a wonderful mommy! Post pics once your little person room gets set up. Love the new title "as the bump grows". It remind me of "As the world turns" haha. Clever!

  2. Glad you have a crib. You will be a great mother! So happy for you. I agree with Amy. Post pics of the room soon!