Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Super Mom!

I have decided to make a list of five women (who are not relatives because they already all know I want to be like them when I grow up) who I think are "SUPER-MOMS"... Women I aspire to be like. Women who I know. Women who I think go above and beyond normal moms. I think I will try to do this every once in a while... but this weeks super-moms (in no particular order) are:

1. Suzanne Winn- This lady is amazing. She is super crafty, thrifty, and soooo creative! She is so much fun to be around, always smiling, hilarious, and VERY sweet! I just hope when my kids get to be Jax's age, I can have as much fun as she does with her son (and baby on the way). Someday, I will let my kids paint the snow and make a spaghetti octopus!

2. Tara Kohlbacher- Wow. That's the only word I can think of to explain this super-mom's dedication to her Creator. She and her hubby are in the middle of adopting a baby from Rwanda (check out her blog @ Their story is one that shows the true impact of letting God be the Ruler of your life and the focus of your existence. She is so selfless, compassionate, and beautiful inside and out. Her honesty about her journey is truly humbling and inspiring.

3. Jalee Abbott- This woman is the person who encourages me more and more every time I speak to her. She is the strongest woman I know. She takes hit after hit and still gets up, puts a smile on her face, and never complains about anything. She is the most positive person I know, always sees the good in everyone and in every situation, and has more love in her heart than anyone I've ever met in my life. (No offense to all of you other people I've met in my life.)

4. Kendra Mobley- This smokin' hott super-mom just makes me excited about being a mom. The way she talks about how amazing it is to be a mother is just precious. I am so nervous about being one, but she makes it look so easy. She has made me see the true JOY in children and see what a blessing a child really is going to be for us. She makes me appreciate the miracle of creating life... and that has been one of the most important things for me to learn and understand over the past few weeks.

5. The momma bird that lives in the nest above my front door- No seriously. Stephen and I have a pair of birds that have been coming back to the house ever since he bought it over three years ago. The barn swallows mate for life. They also go back to the same nest every year. I just think that's amazing. This momma bird is REALLY awesome because this year she gave birth to TWO sets of baby birds. One group of four about two months ago and then another group of three about a week ago. These birds only come back to the same place if they feel it's safe for their babies. I love that they are so little, but have one goal in mind... finding a safe place for their babies. This little momma bird has taught me about being protective (She freaks out every time someone comes anywhere NEAR our front door! Yes, even us.) But its beautiful that although she is protective, she knows at some point she's gonna have to teach them to fly. Watching her raise the babies from eggs to flying birds is incredible. And although they make quite the poopie mess on our porch... I'm glad they are there, and that they come back every year. I just think it's sweet.


  1. I have been thinking about you so much! I was worried about you because I didn't hear about the us, but then I stalked you on FB and realized all was well!

    You are so sweet to add me to your list. You will be an AWESOME mom, I just know it! I'm nervous too about having #2. So, let's just go to lunch and discuss our fears :) Love you!

  2. Jess! You will rock as a mommy!!! I already know it. Cant wait to meet little baby boy/girl! Thanks for adding me to your list, so sweet! I try to do the best I can but sometimes I cry more than Ash. haha! All sooooo worth it though!

  3. Youre blog makes ME laugh. I'm glad I can tell little Garvin that I made his/her mommy laugh during pregnancy!