Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dressing Like a Man

Alright here it goes... I, Jessica Lauren Garvin, like to dress like a man. Cross-dressing?? Don't mind if I do... Count me in!

I wear my husband's clothes every chance I get. There is nothing better than sitting around in Stephen's oversize t-shirts and gym shorts (with no bra on, but I will leave that out to protect my reputation). I actually have been doing it my whole life... there are pictures of me when I'm a youngster with my daddy's t-shirts on. And then once I left home, I would steal my boyfriends' shirts so that I could wear those as much as possible. I actually have to admit, I have one or two (or three or four) ex boyfriends wondering around somewhere missing a few pairs of gym shorts, t-shirts, and several pairs of sweatpants... and I have NO plans of returning any of these items... ever.

Now, the reason for the post. Stephen Shane Garvin has been wearing my stinkin' socks. He says "they fit better" because he likes his socks to fit REALLY tight. The problem is... once he wears them... 1. they are no longer tight and 2. they no longer fit me. See, when I wear his clothes, I don't stretch them out. It makes me soooo dang mad. No matter how much I complain to him about wearing them, HE WON'T STOP!

Ok, I've said my peace.

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