Tuesday, June 29, 2010

where are we gonna keep this thing?

Recently, many have questioned where in the world Stephen and I plan to keep this thing. Well, after ten months of growing Baby Garvin inside the baby bump... Baby Garvin will have a bedroom! We have decided to hire a professional team of interior designers to turn one of our guest rooms into a "little person room".

Now, one might ask: Jess, what's the difference between a nursery and a little person room? Let me show you.

THIS is a nursery:

and so is THIS:

and one last one:

So now you see what we are attempting to avoid. Not that there is anything WRONG with this style of nursery, don't get me wrong. We are just striving for something a little less "matchy" between sheets, bedding, and wall decals... and more "matchy" to the rest of our house.

With that said, let me define difference between a nursery and a "little person room". A nursery is a room you walk into and think "yes, a baby definitely lives in this room"... A little person room is a room you walk into and think "yes, an itsy-bitsy person lives here".

THIS is a little person room:

as is THIS:

and the last one:

So, although I know you all are a little nervous for our accidental addition to the Garvin Home, you can rest assured, knowing that we won't be keeping him (I say "him" and Stephen says "her") in a cardboard box in the closet. Baby Wyatt (or Owen, Brooks, or Boyd) or if Stephen gets his girl, Baby Harper, will be comfortable in his (or her) cute little person room.

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  1. i LOVE the little person rooms SOO much better.
    also... did you mean 10 weeks of the baby in your baby bump? because 10 months is a LONG time to carry a baby without even showing. or getting induced. or being on the news. :)
    excited for you, girl!