Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Being a Mrs.

So I missed a few posting days... So let me catch up to date.

Wednesday before the wedding:
I was supposed to pick Noah Cooley up at the airport tonight, but he missed his flight and came in Thursday night instead. This put a little stress on the situation since he was supposed to be in charge of the church. He was freaking out more than I was, so I am glad I was able to remain calm. We ended up getting him here late Thursday night.

I worked all day long. Made me extra tired since I didn't get ANY sleep the night before. Stephen and Justin helped me tie ribbons around the bubbles and programs. That was a huge help. Then I was off to pick up Noah, drop off gift bags at the hotels for our guests, and off to bed.

Massages were in order first thing in the morning. After that, Noah and I went to the church to plan out the decorations. Noah had some AWESOME ideas! When guests first walked in, we had two round tables, one tall and one short, with the guest book, programs, etc. Then they saw a HUGE "G" on the floor in cursive in black marbles. It was so cool! And I am not sure where I got the idea for it, but it turned out amazing. Hopefully someone got a picture of it! Next, as you can see, Noah had an awesome idea for an isle runner. Instead of the typical flowers (since we didn't have a flower girl) we used big round black rugs
and made a little runner of polka dots. Here you see dad walking me down the isle. Also, something that I loved about our wedding is that we didn't do girls and guys on separate sides. Loved that!

The night before the wedding:
The rehearsal ran rather smoothly. Considering all that happened. Stephen's mom's plane was a little late getting in. So she was about an hour late. As well as my mother (who is terrible at directions) got lost in Norman WITH NOAH. Who was supposed to be in charge of this whole thing. Luckily Mandi (my cousin) was there, who played the director all weekend. She was great at keeping everyone organized and on the same page. The rehearsal dinner was at Coach's in Norman. It was fun and relaxed and everyone had a great time. After the rehearsal dinner, Jessi, Kari, and Erica went with me to my house to pack my things for the next day. After that, the boys showed up and hung out. We four girls continued the tradition we started at Erica's wedding the year before and went to her place to spend the night together.

The BIG Day:
The wedding day was perfect. Weather was perfect. Hair and makeup was perfect. Flowers were less than perfect, but Noah fixed that. My bridal luncheon (given by my aunt and uncle Hadji and cousin Lauden) was AMAZING! Then we were off for hair and makeup. Stephen had to deal with Best Western... who took all the money out of our checking account because they said we didn't cancel our unused reservations in time. FALSE! So that was the ONLY thing that went wrong that day. Everyone kept telling me that things were bound to happen and not to get upset. But my day was perfect. And after Stephen figured out the hotel stuff, his was alright too. I will have to post another separate blog about the actual day... because there is so much to tell. And then another post about the honeymoon. So look forward to those!

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