Sunday, January 10, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Now THAT'S a load of crap! Absence just sucks.

Well, I am on the road once more. This time, Colorado... again. I am starting to realize how hard it gets to be away from home. I cried today when I left Stephen to head to the OKC airport. I can't imagine how people who are away even more than me have a family, husband, or animals. I love getting to help people, meeting new people, and saving OmegaCare, one contract at a time... But I don't love sleeping in the hotels alone, eating dinner by myself, and not being able to lean on Stephen's shoulder in the airplane. Maybe one day, when our company is much bigger, I will just be able to manage the people who make all the flights and spend so much time away from home.

This weekend was lots of fun. It was the first "girls weekend" since Kari and Matt got married. The two of them stayed at our house. We went to the COOP Ale Works 1 year anniversary party. Stephen had a little too much to drink (keep in mind, we just don't really drink often, so one beer does him in)... Saturday afternoon was girl time. We went to Erica and Chase's house and drank a bottle of wine, chit chatted, and just caught up. Those girls are my best friends. I am so glad that I decided Jessi wasn't all that bad.... because if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have such amazing friends.

Well, the plane is about to leave. I hope the ride is smooth. I also hope I will be home within the next couple of days. Another week in Colorado sounds NO fun!

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